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Yeafi® BT

  • Especies de destino


  • Presentación

    25kg bag, big bag and bulk

  • Descripción

    Leiber YeaFi® BT is inactivated brewer’s yeast (40%) bound to barley or barley bagasse (60%) through a special gentle drying process that prevents the oxidation of nutrients and improves its palatability. Provides the antioxidant, astringent and bacteriostatic effects of hops.


  • When use YeaFi® BT?

    • Cows in transition period and beginning of lactation
    • Calves with high concentrate diets


  • Benefits

    • Stabilizes ruminal pH
    • Improves fiber digestibility
    • Increases milk yield and quality
    • Improves the quality of milk fat

    * Product marketed only in Iberia