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  • Target species


  • Presentation

    20 kg bag

  • Description

    asaGRAM+ is a phytogenic based on components of plant origin, medium chain fatty acids, and humic and fulvic acids that act in synergy to modulate the immune system and intestinal environment, favoring the growth of beneficial bacteria and reducing the population of Gram+ and Gram- pathogens bacteria.


    asaGRAM+ acts directly and effectively on Enterococcus cecorum in poultry and Streptococcus suis in swine.


  • When use asaGRAM+?

    • When the animal needs support on the control of Gram+ and Gram- pathogenic bacteria.
    • To help fight the deterioration of the immune system.
    • To help control intestinal inflammation.


  • Benefits

    • Supports the intestinal immune system, helping to control inflammation and improving digestibility and assimilation of nutrients.
    • Reduce the cost of antibiotic treatments.
    • Minimizes the risk of intestinal diseases and diarrhea.
    • Promotes the performance of the animals acting on the conversion rate.
    • The sum of these benefits will lead to increased profitability in production.