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As one of the main countries in pig production, we understand the needs of each farmer, so we strive to have products with solutions according to their main challenges throughout their growth cycle.

Control of intestinal health
Control of intestinal gram+ bacterias
1,25dihidroxyvitamina D3 of natural origin
1,25dihidroxyvitamina D3 of natural origin, easier dosification in feed
Laxative and prebiotic for sows
Forza +
Functional and soluble protein for piglets at weaning
Prevention and control of feather pecking
Sodium butyrate
Sodium butyrate
Inactivated brewer’s yeast
Inactivated brewer’s yeast and malt sprouts
Inactivated brewer’s yeast and spent grains
Source of calcium
Levadura de cerveza inactivada y brotes de malta