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  • Target species

  • Presentation

    3 kg bag


  • Description

    forza+ is a supplementary feed in soluble powder, designed to support the piglet during the first 7-14 days post-weaning and in periods of stress.


    forza+ is rich in high-quality plasma protein, lactose, and natural antioxidants. It works by stimulating consumption in the early stages of life, that allows to reduce the negative consequences of early weaning and minimizing the post-weaning effect.


  • When use forza+?

    • It is recommended to feed the piglets with forza+ during the first 14 days after weaning


  • Benefits

    • Provides digestible protein of high biological value and is highly palatable.
    • It guarantees the intake of nutrients during the latency period and, therefore, promotes the functionality of the intestine while the piglet adapts to the consumption of dry feed.
    • Optimizes passive immunization of the piglet.
    • Stimulates the growth and appearance of the piglet and prevents weight loss.
    • Source of natural antioxidants.
    • Improves the well-being of litters at weaning.
    • Generates an improvement in the return on investment.