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Biolex® MB40

  • Target species


  • Packaging

    25kg bag, big bag and bulk

  • Description

    Obtained from the cell walls of beer yeast and, with a high content of Betaglucans and Mananooligosaccharides (MOS). Biolex® MB40 provides a beneficial prebiotic effect on the intestinal microbiota and the uptake and inactivation of pathogens and mycotoxins. It provides the ingredients of hops, with a bacteriostatic, antioxidant, astringent and calming effect.


  • When use Biolex® MB40?

    • It is especially indicated in diets of young animals.
  • Benefits

    • Prebiotic effects on beneficial intestinal microbiota.
    • Capture and inactivation of pathogens and mycotoxins.
    • Strict quality standards guaranteed.