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  • Target species


  • Presentation

    1L and 5L bottle, 20 kg bag


  • Description

    asaRESP is a product made from plant extracts and essential oils which exert a synergistic action on the animal to prevent and reduce respiratory problems.

    asaRESP has been developed to help farmers prevent and reduce respiratory symptoms in animals and act on the negative effects of heat stress. In addition, it favors a greater efficacy of antibacterial therapy when it is necessary. In this way, it avoids economic losses in production derived from respiratory problems.


  • When use asaRESP?

    • When supportive therapy is necessary to minimize respiratory symptoms.
    • For the prevention of vaccine reactions.
    • When the animal suffers the ravages of heat stress, because it prevents the drying of mucous membranes.
    • In antibiotic-free production strategies or reduction of their use.


  • Benefits

    • Use without veterinary prescription.
    • No withdrawal period.
    • It can be used simultaneously with antibiotics, improving its effectiveness in treating respiratory problems.
    • It does not present palatability problems.