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  • Target species


  • Presentation

    1L and 5L bottle


  • Description

    asaRED es un pienso complementario en formato líquido a base de extractos de plantas y sustancias aromáticas que ayuda a controlar la infestación de ectoparásitos, especialmente del ácaro rojo (Dermanyssus gallinae). asaRED es un producto natural que restringe el acceso de los ácaros a las gallinas evitando que afecte de forma negativa a la salud, seguridad y rendimiento animal.

     asaRED is a liquid complementary feed based on plant extracts and aromatic substances that helps to control the infestation of ectoparasites, especially the red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae). asaRED is a natural product that restricts the access of mites to chickens, preventing it from negatively affecting animal health, safety and performance.


  • When use asaRED?

    • It is recommended to use asaRED for the prevention of red mite infestation simultaneously in all the farm
    • Can be used continuously when the level of infestation is high.


  • Benefits

    • Natural product made from selected plants and without chemicals.
    • For use in drinking water.
    • Easy to use and quickly uptake.
    • It does not present any secondary effects or residues in the eggs.
    • It can be used at any time during production.
    • Does not react with acids and compatible with water conditioners.