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  • Target species


  • Presentation

    20 kg bag

  • Description

    AOXY-2 is a natural antioxidant made from plant extracts that help prevent the effects of oxidative stress, and whose effect is the enhancement of the primary endogenous antioxidant system of the animal, thus being a support for the immune and reproductive system.

    The management of oxidative stress results in a clear effect on the quality of meat and eggs, very interesting for the commercialization of these products.

    AOXY-2 also has a hepatoprotective effect by enhancing the detoxifying capacity of liver cells.


  • When use AOXY-2?

    • It is especially indicated in the diets of young animals, whose intestines are not yet fully developed.
    • In hyperprolific sows, due to the high demand for metabolism in gestation and lactation.
    • When it is necessary to reinforce the productive results in terms of growth, egg production, reproduction and semen quality.


  • Benefits

    • Acts in favor of the conservation and quality of the meat with less rancidity of the fats and a meat with less exudate.
    • Supports productive results in terms of growth, egg production, reproduction, and semen quality.
    • Optimization of the use of vitamin E.